F. A. Q.

Is "Viral Traffic Buffet" some team build program?

DEFINATLY NOT! Teams are good only for the team leader. Instead we teach you as an individual how to benefit from the list you spent your time as a team member builds for the team leader. Teams are short lived and the team leader just starts another one over and over again from the list you built for them. Is that fair?

Why is that "Viral Traffic" is the Perfect First Home Business -
"Goes To State Of Mind?"

Simply put: If you need to ask this question then You really must join Viral Traffic Buffet. All Secrets can not be given away!

What is a Manual Traffic Exchange Program?

Simply put: it is where other members look at your website in order to get you to look at theirs.

Why is there so many TE and Safelists programs listed?

The simpliest way to answer this is: Something for everyone. NO WAY does it mean that you have to join or use them ALL! It is impossible. ONLY take on what YOUR time allows.

If TE Browser and SL Genie are such powerful tools WHY haven't I heard of them?

To be totally honest I am not sure. I am thinking the ONLY reason can be is "They" feel "Why reinvent the wheel when it is working for THEM". The software developer has made everything so simple it really should be a no brainer. "They" would have rewrite their reports. Why should they do that when the old school works for them. Stanil the brain behind this awesome software is by NO means a self centered person like most are. He truly wants to help every "little guy" in the world. We all find it hard to accept that there are a few in this world that honestly want to help you!

How is that I should think Viral Traffic Buffet is any different than the other FREE programs that say they "Expose the Secrets"?

Here is the Big Secret: If you do not WORK these programs they will do nothing for you. That is the SECRET they do not tell you.
Just that simple my friend.......

Why would you pay out 90% of the commissions?

Totally honest here. I will PROFIT many times over from the viral traffic, more than I could possibly charge for these training videos. You MUST remember the viral traffic is gained 10 levels deep from the software alone. This can lead to traffic 100 levels deep in some of the programs listed within. So in truth you are very likely to be somewhere in my downline earning me viral traffic. Then I decide which site I want to promote - making me money. A win - win situation all the way around!
You Must NOT join Viral Traffic Buffet for the money! Join for the education then simply ACT on what you learned. The money will follow! No Action will defiantly get you NOTHING!

Why is it there is a monthly subscription to join Viral Traffic Buffet?

It is called education. As the programs evolve so will the need to be brought up to date.

Is there any hidden charges to get the TE Browser and SL Genie?

Hidden? No they are FREE to join. You have a 2 week $1 trial of the software. Upgrades are at VERY affordable rates. TE Browser Offers 2 different levels for the upgrades:
SL Genie offers a 2 week full version trial. Allowing you time to setup and use the software. Then the low price of $29.95 a month. Just remember when you promote your VTB site you earn first making VTB the first step to the best step ladder approach to internet marketing success!

Are you the Software Developer of any of these tools that you have the training for?

NO! You are lucky here. If I was it would be costing you at least twice as much to use this software. Time is money and the time this simple software saves brings the VALUE so much higher. You are Lucky Stanil is such a generous man.

I joined these kind of programs and never got a single signup. Why?

Maybe the word "JOINED" answers your question the best. You Must work these programs on a constant basis. Getting signups is as simple as SHOWING YOUR PRODUCT/SERVICE TO ENOUGH PEOPLE ENOUGH TIMES. What is "ENOUGH"? To keep a long answer short: What is enough money to you?

It seems we all agree that it takes seven times before you get a signup. Then: Why is that people think they can join a te program or a safelist program that has 10,000 members and surf 100 pages, and expect any results. SORRY that don't add up to me.

Why is there NO Money Back Guarantee?

Good question! FACT: You can lead a horse to water but you CAN NOT force it to drink. Well the same goes with the video lesson found inside the members area. The videos are ther for you to view and hopefully understand. IF you have questions I will remake the video until most can understand. Afterwards you must ACT on the lessons. I can not force you to take actions. If I could then I could offer a money back gurantee.
That is the only gurantee in life my friend that can be trusted.

Is there any kind of person that can NOT benefit from Virral Traffic Buffet?

YES. A person with no time AND no money. That is the only kind of person we can not help. Even thou Time is the only asset that YOU control, sorry to say there is nothing anyone can do to help that kind of a person. They must develop a Time management program on their own.

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